CEP 813: Final Formative Assessment Design

Assessment, Google Forms, MAET Year 3

I am excited to have completed my Formative Assessment Design and am eager to begin using this assessment in my practice as a Technology Integration Specialist. Within the explanation above, you will find a clear connection between my instruction and the assessment I have designed. I also walk through how I would administer the assessment and the instructions that would be shared with the learners. I elaborate on how I would provide feedback within the context of this assessment and how that feedback will benefit the learning process. The assessment utilizes digital tools and my rationale for incorporating them is outlined. Overall, I supported my design with assessment theory and research that connects to my own personal teaching context.

Technology Integration Growth Plan Assessment

Technology Integration Growth Plan Documentation

CEP 813: Assessment and CMS

Assessment, Google Classroom, Google Forms, MAET Year 3

This week I created an assessment for the online course module that I am designing for administrators called Innovative Leadership. I needed to design some assessments that would measure the objectives for the first module of the course. The first module of the course is focused on increasing communication using Google Tools. Because of this objective and because the administrators that the course is designed for are part of a Google Apps for Education school district, I chose to use Google Classroom for my content management system.

The assessment itself is a portfolio artifact submission and reflection created using Google Forms. The purpose, audience, professional standards, and more details about this assessment are viewable in the following screencast: http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=mblc0ae