Innovative Leadership: Online Course Module

Today’s demands on school administrators create a tightly packed daily schedule, which makes it very difficult to find time to attend trainings or traditional face-to-face courses for professional development. However, it is essential that administrators have opportunities to continue to learn throughout the school year especially when it comes to the ever changing world of educational technology. In order to find a compromise that allows administrators to have access to learning in a flexible whenever and wherever way, I have designed the first module of an online course on Innovative Leadership that focuses on “Increasing Communication Using Google Tools”. In order to create this course, I have consulted research about the most effective instructional design for online learning as well as analyzed the existing content management systems and their affordances and constraints. This module is designed to increase communication, allow for flexible learning and collaboration between administrators, and breaks from the norm of traditional face-to-face professional development. It is also aligned with the ISTE Standards for Administrators and focuses on administrators learning to model Digital Citizenship for their school community.

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