The Nest

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In the spring of 2016, I led a collaborative inquiry process to identify what learners needed from an underutilized learning space- the media center. The Nest, formerly the FHS/FMS media center, was named by a Ferndale Middle School student as part of a student competition and has been redesigned to create a learning space that can best meet the needs of today’s student. The goal for the redesigned learning spaces is not just defined by consuming “media” but also collaborating and creating. The driving vision behind the space is to create a hub that teachers and students can utilize for inquiry, collaboration and innovation. To enable that vision to come to life, there are many redesigned features in The Nest including collaboration spaces both high and low tech for small and large groups, individual work/study stations both high and low tech, flexible classroom spaces with mobile furniture and mobile interactive whiteboard and mobile technology. With these redesigned spaces, The Nest provides additional opportunities for student driven learning, technology integration, active and project based learning and interdisciplinary learning. The Nest is an ongoing project that we are continuing to grow in partnership with students and staff.

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